When You Hear This Russian Guitarist Play, You Will Be Amazed

Since the release of his first album in 2002, Russian guitarist Estas Tonne has been amazing audiences all over the world. He uses his guitar to blend a mixture of styles from different countries, creating a sound that is both familiar and totally unique at the same time.

Tonne’s method is different than that of most popular musicians today. On his website he explains that “the soundspace unfolds according to the respective situation,” which allows his songs “to appear with variety instead of repetition in the melodic line.” Instead of relying on repetition, Tonne allows his songs to unfold naturally. Here, he plays “The Song of the Golden Dragon” at Stadtspektakel, a busker’s festival held in Landshut, Germany. The 9-minute-long masterpiece comes from his 2008 album 13 Songs of Truth.


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