Chef’s Amazing Cookies Seem Like An Embroidered Fabric. Just Look At How She Made Them

Cookies are usually eaten so quickly that it hardly matters what they look like.

Hungarian chef Judit Czinkné Poór creates cookies which look both good enough to eat and pretty enough to put on display. Each cookie is laced with fine, detailed icing, and looks like a delicate piece of embroidery.

Judit works out of Mézesmanna, a bakery in Ajka which specializes in unbelievably intricate sweet eats.

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It’s almost a shame to consume such impressive, tiny artwork.

Amazingly, Judit has only been decorating cookies since 2014, hard to believe, since these cookies look like the work of a lifelong master.

Judit’s background as a porcelain painter helps her to create such finely-detailed culinary masterpieces.

embroidery cookies 1

Judit tells Bored Panda that the only secret to making her cookies is “practice, practice, practice.”

embroidery cookies 2

Your culinary work and artistic prowess are both sources of inspiration, Judit!


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