Elvis Presley Is Alive According To Some People

Is Elvis alive? This has been the rumor for years. Dead in 1977 at only 42, theory after theory had surfaced that fame had taken it’s toll and Elvis pulled the ultimate disappearing act and faked his death.

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An overdose was to blame, and heart failure the result. Though an official cause was never given.

Over several decades, Elvis sightings have been reported. Pictures emerged resembling Elvis. Yet there were also thousands of people making their living as Elvis impersonators, making a sighting very difficult to verify.

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But has the real Elvis been under our noses all along? Some are saying, yes, indeed so, as just this year, 2016, the ultimate Elvis sighting has taken place in the form of a groundskeeper at Graceland!

Someone recorded video of the man earlier this year, and people are going wild about the possibility of a now 81-year-old Elvis, tending to his own property.

Here’s what the channel on YouTube, called “The Shadow” had to say about the video that they are convinced reveals the real Elvis who is alive and well, living at Graceland:

“Pay close attention as he walks up to the camera. Look this was a fluke…I don’t think he expected us to be watching. Or maybe he just took a chance because he doesn’t usually come so close to the camera. He raises his two fingers to the top of his left head as a proof of life signal. He told us he is alive with the simple V sign. ‘I’m Alive’. He is giving us a clue that he knows we are all there watching him and to his most loyal fans that he is indeed with us.

Our personal view is it’s him. When you look at his walk and gait, long arms it’s him 100 per cent. As he approaches he looks at the camera. As he walks away he glances at the camera.

We tried to look at his right hand to see the pinkie finger but he kept three fingers folded back as if to hide the finger. We confirmed with a few sources that used to work at Graceland that it’s him. As soon as they saw the images we sent, they wrote back and said ‘yes’, IT IS him as they remember him with the exact same ponytail. One said he had gained weight. But to be fair Elvis loves food and always had a problem with gaining weight so this should not be a surprise.”

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Well, who knows if this is really Elvis or not, but it sure does sound convincing!


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