Elephant Purposely Breaks Sprinkler To Create A Little Water Park Of Her Very Own

Faa Sai the rescued elephant lives at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, and has one thing that she loves to do:  that’s break the sprinkler system.

elephant playing in sprinkler

That’s right. Faa Sai discovered long ago that when the sprinklers are broken, it’s like a fantastic water park.

And so Faa Sai keeps breaking the sprinklers …

elephant playing in sprinkler

… and no one really wants to stop her, because it makes her so unbelievably happy.

elephant playing in sprinkler

Occasionally she tries to fix it again — by sitting on it …

elephant playing in sprinkler

.. but ultimately, she loves playing in the broken spray.

Check out the full video of Faa Sai’s water adventure below:


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