An Easy Way To Turn Eggshells Into Your Healthy Daily Calcium Supplement

When you cook eggs, you naturally toss the shells, right? Well it turns out there is good reason to hold on to those shells. For one thing, they are actually 90% calcium. Obviously very important for keeping bones strong and avoiding osteoporosis. While you can spend money on calcium supplements, you can actually get them for free if you have eggs often! Not only that, but they are a preferred from of calcium intake. How do you eat egg shells? So it turns out you can actually bake egg shells with their membranes intact. This creates calcium powder. The National Institute of Health has stated that ground up egg shells are actually better for calcium intake as they have preferable absorption ability, and our bodies, especially women’s bodies, can greatly benefit.

There have been actual studies where eggshell powder was used to show that in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, there was noticeably reduced pain and mobility was increased! Also, there was an increase in bone density and further bone loss was stopped. So the bottom line was that for treatment and prevention of osteoporosis, egg shell powder was the most preferred method of calcium intake. Find out how to prepare eggshells before you grind them up, and how to use them as a daily supplement in powder form.


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