It Looks Like A Sandbar From Afar, But Wait Until You See What It Really Is…

Over the last several decades, several biologists, entrepreneurs and congress representatives have floated theories on the best way to clean up ocean pollution. While preventing future oceanic pollution is the best remedy, the marine floor suffers everything from large-scale oil spills to everyday garbage tossed off boats and piers into the water. A new idea has surfaced and it’s being proposed by an unlikely candidate.

Meet 20 year old Boyan Slat, the inventor behind a possible solution to the ocean’s plastic pollution.

earth saving solution 1

He’s proposing placing floating barriers in the Earth’s rotating tidal locations (gyres). The natural current will push the pollution into the enclosure.

earth saving solution 2

Rather than using nets, which present a risk to marine flora and fauna, Slat’s design uses floating anchors to secure the V-shaped buffers.

earth saving solution 3

Slat hopes to launch his mission, called Ocean Cleanup, in the waters between California and Hawaii in 2016. 

earth saving solution 4

Once implemented, the 6,500-foot barriers will be the longest floating structures that have ever been placed in the ocean. 

earth saving solution 5

Slat has raised over $2 million on his crowdfunding page and, despite his young age, people have begun to take him and his project seriously.

earth saving solution 6


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