Things You May Regret Before You Die…

We all make mistakes in life, and it’s hard not to have regrets. Maybe it’s not telling your secret crush how you really feel. Maybe it’s not calling your loved one back one last time. Whoever you are, it’s guaranteed that there’s at least one thing in your past that you would do differently.

However, once we’re nearing the end of our lives, we might have even more things that we regret we didn’t do. When you take a look back on your life, you’ll likely find moments when you wish you would have done something differently. Before you get there, try to take time think about what you could be doing differently right now. For inspiration, here are 20 things you should not do, at risk of regretting them later on.

1. Not going places when you had the opportunity to. As you get older, more people become dependent on you, making traveling more difficult.
things a dying person regret 1

2. Not knowing another language. If you’ve had the opportunity to study a language, don’t miss out on it.
things a dying person regret 2

3. Not leaving an unhealthy relationship. A relationship can be hard to get out of, but if it’s a bad one, you shouldn’t waste your time staying in it.
things a dying person regret 3

4. Not wearing sunscreen. Sun damage can cause plenty of wrinkles, as well as discoloration, so don’t go without it.
things a dying person regret 4

5. Not seeing your favorite musicians perform. You never know when their band could break up, so take the opportunity to see your favorite musicians when it’s available.
things a dying person regret 5

6. Not doing things because you’re afraid. Fear can cause us to miss out on many opportunities, but it doesn’t have to hold us back.
things a dying person regret 6

7. Not staying in shape. The more you age, the more you will see just how beneficial it is to stay fit.
things a dying person regret 7

8. Not leaving a job you are unhappy with. It might be difficult to leave and find another employer, but don’t waste your time in a job that doesn’t make you happy.
things a dying person regret 8

9. Not saying “I love you”. If you love someone, don’t be afraid to tell them.
things a dying person regret 9

10. Not taking the advice your parents gave you. They have much more experience than you do, so give their advice a chance.
things a dying person regret 10