See What Happens When You Drink Water In A Fighter Jet

Whether you’re driving in a car or flying in an airplane, a moving vehicle is the last place you want to carry out a delicate task. Have fun trying to make a house of cards or just attempting to corral a handful of peanuts into your mouth while traveling. Just the other day, I managed to coat my sedan’s interior with Coke Zero. I’d prefer to have all my money’s worth of soda go in my stomach rather than on my dashboard.

Even in an airplane, you’re bound for a bumpy ride eventually. I’ve splashed a few dollops of my drink on my shirt flying in a 747 a few times. Surely it would be impossible to wet my whistle in a fighter jet, right?

One man decided he needed to cool off while doing barrel rolls inside a jet. Watch what happens when this man pours himself a drink in midair.


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