Rare Dragon Eggs Comes To Life In Slovenia

It’s that special time that comes only once or twice a decade when the olm’s eggs hatch in Slovenia. You probably had no idea this special occasion existed, but don’t worry, because you don’t have to be an ornithology expert to get excited about this!

The olm are a rare species of blind salamander with an average lifespan of approximately 100 years. These odd, little creatures have earned the nickname “dragons” due to their long, slender body shape. What makes them so fascinating to scientists is their Vulcan-like breeding pattern of reproducing only once or twice a decade. For that reason, biologists around the world have been anxiously watching 22 dragon eggs discovered in Postojna Cave in southwestern Slovenia earlier this year. According to reports, the first of the eggs has just recently hatched. “We are now keeping a close eye on the eggs to see which one will be our next baby dragon. Will it – like the first one – shoot out of the egg and swim around the aquarium before finally coming to rest at the bottom?” said a member of the team of scientists observing the eggs.

This video gives the viewer a candid look into the world of a baby olm getting ready to hatch. It should be noted that out of 500 eggs, on average only two survive. That makes each egg extremely precious, and is why the scientists in Slovenia are working so tirelessly to protect them.


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