An Encouraging Love Story Of A Couple Who Have Down Syndrome

A video on Facebook is going viral for all the right reasons. People who have seen it are calling it “the cutest thing they’ve ever seen” and “so adorable.” No, this video doesn’t feature babies or puppies, but it does feature something just as wonderful—two people in love who happen to have Down syndrome.

In the video, a girl from New Jersey named Ashley is celebrating her 21st birthday and high school graduation. She’s opening presents and enjoying herself immensely. Then Ashley’s male friend Danny does something unexpected. He gets down on his knees and proposes to her. He says in the video to Ashley, “Will you be my girlfriend? Will you marry me?” Ashley immediately springs up and yells, “Yes” to the impromptu proposal. Everyone applauds Ashley’s decision.

Ashley’s sister, Courtney Greenhalgh posted the video on Facebook. She wrote in the post that accompanied the video that Danny proposed to Ashley to show her that he was serious about their relationship. Courtney said Danny saved up money from his job to buy Ashley the diamond ring. She said the pair definitely plan on getting married in the future, but they are waiting to do so because the timing isn’t right yet.


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