This Popular Dog Toy Looks Safe, But It Actually Carries A Big Risk. Pet Owners Should Know This.

Maximus was named after the Russel Crowe character in the film Gladiator. He was a strong and brave canine that Jamie and her family absolutely loved.

It was a regular summertime barbecue. An evening of great food, some fun in the pool and playtime for Max. Matter of fact, Max had a new toy to play with this evening. It was a red, dog-toy ball called a “Kong.” At one point in the evening, Jamies son noticed something peculiar. It was Max. It seemed as if the dog ball named Kong, had gotten stuck in Max’s mouth. But, upon further inspection, everything seemed alright. They shrugged it off and everyone continued on with the evening. It would be later that night, in the middle of the night to be exact, when Max woke Jamie up. That’s when things clearly seemed, well, not right.

It turns out that the ball had become lodged around Max’s tongue. It was causing swelling to occur. Removing the ball seemed not just difficult, but impossible. They arrived to the vet and were faced with a terrible decision that no dog owner ever wants to face. Especially the kind of dog owner who considers their pooch a part of their family. In fact, Jamie’s family now wants to make sure no other dog owner has to go through what they went through, all because of a dog toy which one would naturally assume is safe.

Here’s the video on this tragic story and the warning signs to look out for when it comes to unsafe dog toys.


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