Pants Designed To Keep Your Pet Warmer And Cleaner

No matter what the temperature is, your dog is still going to want to go outside. It’s important for them to breathe in some fresh air and make sure there are no squirrels closing in on their territory. So how do you keep your dog warm in freezing temperatures? Introducing “Dog Pants,” and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. “Dog Pants” are made by Muddy Mutts, a pet supply company. Their goal is to keep dogs warmer, cleaner and more stylish over the winter months. Do you think “Dog Pants” are a good fit for your pet? Take a look at these pooches and judge for yourself.

Muddy Mutts claims its pants will keep your dog warmer, cleaner and much happier.
dog pants trend 1

All pants are waterproof and come with reflective bands to keep your dog safer.
dog pants trend 2

You can turn your dog into a mini MC Hammer for just $69.99.
dog pants trend 3

No word yet on when dog boots will be available.
dog pants trend 4

Just look at how happy he is. “Dog Pants” are a winner.
dog pants trend 5


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