Dogs Love To Eat Peanut Butter, But This Common Ingredient Could Actually Endanger Your Dog’s Life

Most dogs love peanut butter and so do their owners because it’s a versatile tool in their treat arsenal.  It’s a healthy treat for dogs, can be used to administer medicine, and can even be stuffed inside dog toys!

They’ll lick the spoon dry!

dog and peanut butter 1

The vigilant animal lovers over at Preventive Vet have recently come across a disturbing new additive making its way into peanut butter.

The additive known as xylitol (a sugar substitute) has proven to be a boon to humans.  It’s naturally sourced, safe for diabetics and, unlike sugar, prevents cavities. For dogs, xylitol is extremely dangerous. Tiny amounts of the sweetener can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar and can lead to liver failure.

This chart shows how such small amounts can lead to big problems:

dog and peanut butter 2Preventive Vet has identified two brands already: Nuts ‘n More and Krush Nutrition’s Nutty By Nature. That doesn’t mean these are the only two brands carrying this potentially fatal additive.

Always check ingredient labels when feeding your dog food meant for humans.

dog and peanut butter 3

If you really want to be safe, you can easily make your own fresh peanut butter for you and your pets. Simply roast a pan of peanuts and stick them in the blender with just a pinch of salt.

Your taste buds and your dog will thank you.

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