These Baby Opossums Were In Danger, Then This Dog Did The Unthinkable

Much like human children, most baby mammals rely on their parents — particularly their mother — to care for them, provide them with food, and teach them the ways of the world. When they lose that parent before they mature, their chances of surviving in the wild are slim.  So when a family of baby opossums in Brazil lost their mother in a violent attack, they didn’t know where to turn. But when all hope seemed lost, a brave rescuer swooped in and helped these little cuties survive.

A passerby found the orphaned opossums and brought them to pet behaviorist Stephanie Maldonado.

Dog Adopt Opossums 1

Maldonado took them to a wildlife rescue group, but they were so busy that they had to turn her away. She realized it was up to her to care for the little babies.

Dog Adopt Opossums 2

Opossums need to be fed every two hours, which Maldonado was able to do, but she still wasn’t sure if they could survive without their actual mother.

Dog Adopt Opossums 3

That’s when Stephanie’s dog, Pretinha, stepped up to the plate. Sensing that the babies needed help, she cared for them as if they were her own.

Dog Adopt Opossums 4

Pretinha seems to think nothing of this unusual situation. In fact, she enjoys it!

Dog Adopt Opossums 5

She even lets them climb on her back, like a real mother opossum!

Dog Adopt Opossums 6

Pretinha doesn’t mind at all.

Dog Adopt Opossums 7

After over a month under Stephanie and Pretinha’s care, the babies are as happy and healthy as ever.

Dog Adopt Opossums 8

Soon, they will grow up and have to live on their own, but they will always have a place in Stephanie and Pretinha’s hearts.

Dog Adopt Opossums 9

We’ve seen dogs adopt other animals before, but I’ve never seen an image as cute as a dog walking around with a bunch of baby opossums on her back. Nature is full of wonderful surprises!

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