Dad Does This When They Couldn’t Afford A Swimming Pool…

A backyard pool can be the ultimate source of endless summertime fun. It can also be really, really expensive. In-ground pools can cost thousands, and above-ground pools often feel like a cheap half measure.

José Adimilson Franco knew all of this but he was still determined to make his dream of having a pool for his family come true. So he came up with a brilliant compromise.

Franco started with an upright, above-ground pool.
diy pool time 1

Next, he built a frame around the pool itself.
diy pool time 2

He filled in the frame completely, and even included a staircase!
diy pool time 3

It’s the perfect compromise between an above-ground pool and a traditional model.
diy pool time 4

Something tells me this summer is going to be the best one yet!
diy pool time 5
I don’t know about you, but I’m already planning my trip to the home improvement store to make this happen. Think of the possibilities!


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