This Two-Ingredient DIY Cleaner Is All You Need To Get Rid Of The Grime In Your Oven

Our ovens have a big job during the holiday season, with all the baking we have to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus all the hot dishes the cold weather inspires us to cook for dinners, our ovens are working overtime, just like us.

This means they are getting quite dirty quite quickly, and with all the guests and extended family members coming in and out of our homes throughout the season, laboring to clean that sticky goo off our oven interiors is a necessary task.

You’ll likely have a few people helping you cook for Christmas, and you don’t want them thinking that your oven is this gross all the time, so cleaning it is a necessity. But who has time for that? The cleaning setting on our ovens don’t really do the job justice, and muscling through all the scrubbing we’d have to do to get them looking spotless sounds like an impossibly grueling task.

ingredients to clean oven

Thanks to this brilliant trick posted by DIY Home Sweet Home, we don’t have to use up all our energy on chores like cleaning out our oven. This genius formula will have your oven looking spotless in about 15-30 minutes without too much of a workout on your part.

All you have to do is mix a quarter cup of baking soda with water to create a paste. Seriously, that’s it! Cover every nasty inch of the inside of your oven, focusing on the glass and door, since that’s what guests are most likely to notice.

ingredients to clean oven

Leave it on for 15-30 minutes, or until it looks like the residue has lifted off the metal surface, and your white paste has turned a dingy brown instead. Then just wipe away the mixture and all your stains should be gone!

ingredients to clean oven


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