Creative DIY Projects Using Wooden Paint Sticks

If you’ve ever had to paint your house (or possibly someone else’s house), then you’re probably familiar with the little wooden sticks that are used to stir the cans of paint. Paint sticks are a great, inexpensive tool for painters everywhere, but in the hands of a creative DIY crafts enthusiast, they can become a whole lot more.

We love items that transcend their original purpose. From muffin tins to cooling racks, the internet is always coming up with new ways to use everyday items that we often take for granted. On the surface, paint sticks might not look like much. After all, they’re just tiny pieces of wood. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best uses for paint sticks that we could find.

If you never thought you’d use paint sticks for anything other than paint, this list is for you! Next thing you know, you’ll be using paint sticks to organize your home, decorate your hallways, and even improve your garden. In fact, the only thing suspiciously absent from this list is “using them for tiny sword fights.” Scroll down to learn how you can use paint sticks for way more than painting.

1. Staple together some paint sticks to create a unique and rustic flower basket. Stain the sticks with a nice wood stain for added sophistication.
diy crafts stir sticks 1

2. Attach several paint sticks to a wall and screw in some hooks to create a great place to hang keys, jewelry, and other knick-knacks that are cluttering up your house.
diy crafts stir sticks 2

3. Arrange paint sticks in a circular pattern around a round mirror to create a sunburst-themed decorative piece. Tip: match the color of the sticks with the decor of the room.
diy crafts stir sticks 3

4. Paint over paint sticks to create bright, cheery garden labels.
diy crafts stir sticks 4

5. Staple or glue several paint sticks together to create a nice wooden sign that you can customize with your own artwork/greetings.
diy crafts stir sticks 5

6. Use smaller lengths of paint sticks as gift tags. It’s one of those little extra touches that can really set your gifts apart.
diy crafts stir sticks 6

7. Paint stir sticks can also be used to create large custom letters to accentuate interior or exterior design.
diy crafts stir sticks 7

8. Hot glue paint sticks to each other to create miniature pallets. These can be used decoratively in a variety of ways, such as a wall planter.
diy crafts stir sticks 8

9. Paint sticks can be cut/painted to create decorative wooden arrows as accent pieces for interior design.
diy crafts stir sticks 9

10. Glue or staple paint sticks to create a custom-themed decorative flag.
diy crafts stir sticks 10

11. Paint sticks can also be used to create fun miniature signs around the home.
diy crafts stir sticks 11

12. Make your house stand out by mounting address numbers on painted wooden stir sticks.
diy crafts stir sticks 12

13. Cut out a square section from the middle of several attached paint sticks to make a cute picture frame.
diy crafts stir sticks 13

14. Glue paint sticks around the frame of an old lampshade to create a unique lamp.
diy crafts stir sticks 14

15. Apply wood stain to several paint sticks, then glue them to two lengths of ribbon to create a fancy-looking table runner.
diy crafts stir sticks 15


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