He Is Sick Of Their Dull Dining Room Table, So He Creates Something Beyond Brilliant To Replace It

When Imgur user MidnightXII took a long, hard look at his dining room, he realized the old-fashioned round table was just not cutting it. Watch his unbeatable moxie and amazing end result when he decides to take his dining room into his own hands…

Though the French doors are fabulous, that particular table and chairs make the dining room look boring and basic.

dining table 1

So he removed the table, and the line bisecting the room comes out from hiding.

dining table 2

He measures the area and cuts chairs to measure exactly 9 feet by 6.5 feet.

dining table 3

He attached a support at the wall studs.

dining table 4

Then, seat supports were drilled into place every 20 inches.

dining table 5

Next, vertical supports and horizontal floor supports add to the structure.

dining table 6

The supports are anchored to the floor and drywall.

dining table 7

The plywood for the booth seats goes on and is measured to line up perfectly.

dining table 8

Three 2 inch foam cushions add extra comfort to the seats.

dining table 9

Outdoor fabric added extra durability, especially against stains. Once the foam was covered, it’s just a few quick staples to upholstered seats.

dining table 10

Now, all the seats have been upholstered.

dining table 11

They’re starting to look like real seats.

dining table 12

A few adjustments needed to be made to make the bead board lay flush against the window trim.

dining table 13

Because the bench covered up the wall vent, a hole was cut to let the air pass through.

dining table 14

And a vent went on to let the air pass through naturally.

dining table 15

This already looks so much more stylish.

dining table 16

A border keeps the edges of the cushion in place.

dining table 17

At this point, you could stick with the natural wood, but he opted to go for pure white.

dining table 18

A pair of sturdy table legs and a rustic wood tabletop bring this family style dining area together.

dining table 19

It’s a huge improvement and brings such class and glamour to the house.

dining table 20


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