New In-Ear Device That Can Translate Languages In Real Time

Technology which is developed specifically to bring people together rather than divide them can by definition never be a bad thing. An earpiece that instantaneously translates one language to another would certainly fall into this category.

We have only just heard about this incredible new device, but we’ve already decided we’re going to buy one as soon as we can. And we’re sure you’ll feel the same way once you know the details.

As is often said, necessity is the mother of invention. The founder of the company Indiegogo and its main developer, Andrew Ochoa, once met a French woman who didn’t speak English. The result of this romantic evening was the invention of the Pilot earpiece. It works like this: if the person you’re talking to speaks in a foreign language, you’ll automatically hear the translation of their words and phrases into your native language. At the same time, the person you’re talking to will hear your words translated into a language they understand. Sounds amazing, right?

device that translate languages1

The Pilot system is made up of just two earpieces (one for each person), a portable battery charger, and a smartphone app. At present, translation is available to and from French, Spanish, Italian, and English. In the future, the company is planning to add Slavic and East Asian languages.

device that translate languages2

Using the Pilot earpiece in large groups of people is also possible. Even if people in a group are talking in different languages, the technology is such that it would ensure everyone understands what’s being said, having received a translation into their own language. At the moment the device comes in three different colors — red, black, or white. The pilot earpiece can also be used to listen to music.

device that translate languages3

Andrew Ochoa calls this invention ’a real dream come true. Just imagine a world without language barriers.


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