Make Your Own Deep-Fried Peanut Butter That Will Be A Hit With The Whole Family

Peanut butter is an American food that seems to go with just about anything! Now, Oh Bite It has come up with a recipe to deep fry peanut butter for people everywhere to enjoy. All you need is peanut butter, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, oil and powdered sugar.

First, you need to freeze the peanut butter. Oh Bite It forms the peanut butter into balls and freezes it, but Dude Foods puts the peanut butter into ice cube trays to freeze so that it forms into squares. Once the peanut butter is frozen, you need to wrap it in dough. You can use the crescent roll dough and cut circles if you made peanut butter balls, or if you feel like it, you can make your dough from scratch. Make sure the dough is wrapped tightly and drop the balls into the oil that is heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Fry them until they are golden brown and then remove them from the oil and let them drain. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar for a little something sweet and dig in.

Dude Foods did his a little differently. He wrapped his peanut butter in actual bread; and after he had fried the peanut butter, he dipped his treat into jelly. Whether you choose to serve them with powdered sugar, jelly or maybe some melted chocolate, deep fried peanut butter is sure to be a great hit with anyone who loves peanut butter.


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