This Lady Was Deaf, But After Hearing For A Week, Ellen Gives Her Something Incredible

Sarah Churman, 34, spent most of her life with a different outlook on the world. As a part of the .38 percent of Americans over 5 years old who were born deaf, it’s not easy to imagine many of the difficulties that she might have faced.

What’s even harder to imagine is how it must have felt when, after nearly three decades of living without sound, she was “powered on.” That’s the name of her 2012 book, which boasts a 4.8 star rating on GoodReads. Through her writing, Churman articulates “what it means to experience both sides of a disability.” It’s obvious why such a novel perspective might be well received by readers.

In her blog post titled “My EAR in His hEARt,” Churman tells of the day her life changed forever. She likens the moment the implant was activated to childbirth,

“For you mothers out there … it was like that moment where time stands still as your baby slips into this world … I just started crying, then crying more because I could hear myself crying.”

Through her journey, Churman wrote about it all on her blog, including her trip to Los Angeles to make an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” In this post, she shares a bit of information about her mother-in-law, Lari, who was the one responsible for making everything happen. Churman writes, “she cashed out her retirement so that I could get it (the procedure) done.”

After Ellen’s producers heard about Lari’s involvement, they decided they had to have her, too. The moment they shared in Ellen’s studio is pretty special, but what’s remarkable is how it ends.


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