He Worked For Over A Year On His Daughter’s Room. When It’s Finished, The Result Is Unbelievable.

Totally amazing how this Dad magically transformed his daughter’s room into fairy tale land.

“My daughter wanted a fairy fort in her room where she could sit and read. She wanted to climb on the branches and sit in them,” said the father, who works in the video game industry and thus has a healthy creative streak. This is a before shot of her room. Kind of boring, right?”

Check out the before picture:

daughter's room 1

He wanted to become like a personal genie for his daughter. Making her wildest dreams come true. What a great dad.
He first drew up the plans. He’s an artist in the video game industry, so he’s got some drawing talent.

daughter's room 2

Rebar and steel rods were used to make this as sturdy as possible.

daughter's room 3

Here he is 175 hours in. He used expanded metal lathe for the skin.

daughter's room 4

Concrete was used for the trunk and paper mache for the branches!

daughter's room 5

Time for paint!

daughter's room 6

Amazing fairy windows that light up at night!

daughter's room 7

And now the amazing after pictures:

daughter's room 8

daughter's room 9

daughter's room 10

daughter's room 11

daughter's room 12(Source)

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