She Notices Her Dad Suddenly Coming Home Late. But She Never Expected She Would Find Him Doing This…

My dad has never been much of a homebody. He always liked spending his free time outside or so I thought.

I once wondered why Dad was spending so much time away from home when he was off work. He always used to be home reliably when work got out.

Then one day I noticed his truck parked on a more rural road not far from a friend’s house. What I discovered was that he was back there in a “wood mill” type place, using a wood-splitter machine to cut logs into different sizes.

He made me promise not to tell Mom that he was earning extra money doing this part-time work to save up money to take her on an anniversary trip she had dreamed of, but which he couldn’t afford on the salary from his regular job.

dad coming home lateI gave him a BIG hug, and kept that secret. And what a trip they had – I don’t think I had ever seen Mom so happy!


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