The Way This Tea Bag Transforms Into A Goldfish Inside Your Cup Is Adorable

There’s no shortage of cool and bizarre stuff that you can buy on the internet. How did people cope before Amazon?

Now, you can buy teabags that transform into a convincing goldfish after being put into your mug. Students at St. Johns University in Taipei came up with the idea a few years back, but now they’re finally available in the US through Amazon.

cute tea bag 1

Once dunked into water, the fish’s body swells and its mouth is attached to the thread so that it can be tugged around like it’s swimming. 

cute tea bag 2


The bags come in one of four varieties of Taiwanese tea leaves: rose oolong, ruby black, jin yuan, and Oriental beauty.

cute tea bag 3

They don’t come cheap, though. A box of 12 costs $80, compared to their price of $35 in Taiwan. 

cute tea bag 4

But they seem totally worth it. 

cute tea bag 5


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