Adorable Baby Foxes Captured On Camera

The internet has no shortage of pictures featuring baby animals. Every day, we see dozens of photos and videos of puppies, kittens, and other baby species that never fail to make our hearts melt. And yet, despite having seen more images of baby animals than one person really needs to in a lifetime, we never seem to get tired of them.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on baby foxes. While they might not be as popular online as kittens or puppies, their baby photos are incredibly adorable.

1. One of these babies is a little camera shy.
foxes are cute 1

2. This sleeping pup looks so peaceful and serene.
foxes are cute 2

3. A baby fox playfully bites on his mom’s tail.
foxes are cute 3

4. This curious cub pauses for a photo while frolicking in the snow.
foxes are cute 4

5. A picture-perfect moment capturing the beauty of a baby fox.
foxes are cute 5

6. You can almost see a smile on this pup’s sweet face as he sleeps.
foxes are cute 6

7. Taking a nap in the safest place in the world – enveloped by mom.
foxes are cute 7

8. A playful pup enjoying nature.
foxes are cute 8

9. It’s always a good day when you get to play in the snow.
foxes are cute 9

10. Hopefully, he’ll get better at hide-and-seek as he grows up.
foxes are cute 10

11. What a perfect portrait.
foxes are cute 11

12. This adorable pup can explore the surroundings in confidence with his big brother in the near distance.
foxes are cute 12


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