18 Ways To Make Crafts With Your Recycled Trash

Did you know that the average American throws away over four pounds of trash each day? That’s more than 1,500 pounds per year. As you can imagine, this magnitude of waste results in many ecological and environmental concerns for our planet. While recycling is a great way to combat the problem, it doesn’t solve everything. In fact, you’re probably tossing many items that have a lot of life left … if only there was some way to upcycle them …

These 18 projects will help you get the most out of your hard-earned money and hopefully reduce that nasty four pounds a day. To see craft instructions, simply click on the link below each image.

1. Melt down the ends of old candles to make new ones.
crafty trash 1

2. Save pineapple skins to make a tasty sun tea.
crafty trash 2

3. Combine lip balm leftovers in a clean tin.
crafty trash 3

4. Keep your trash bags handy with a plastic container.
crafty trash 4

5. Bake a cake in an orange peel. Bonus points for making it over a camp fire!
crafty trash 5

6. A button-down shirt makes for a stylish pillowcase. Who wore it better, the couch or you?
crafty trash 6

7. Wind up old garden hoses and fasten with zip ties to create this funky, outdoor rug.
crafty trash 7

8. Clean out food containers and use them to dress up your pantry.
crafty trash 8

9. Turn an old board game into a unique tote bag.
crafty trash 9