She Grabs Her Phone To Snap A Shot After Seeing These Cops Doing An Incredibly Kind Deed

Barbara Stroh was in the kitchen while her 68-year-old husband Charlie Moore went outside to shovel snow from their driveway. Charlie was shoveling just a tiny area outside to let his dogs out for a little while. After the task, he walked into the living room and collapsed before his wife. The man suffered a heart attack. Barbara quickly called 911. Thank goodness it was Deputy Andy Dillman who arrived. Charlie didn’t have a pulse so Deputy Dillman performed CPR. Dillman told Humankind that in 16 years on the job, this was only the second time he had seen someone come back to life the way Charlie did.

“It’s one of those rare instances where [Dillman] being there at the right place at the right time. He was able to, it sounds like, save his life,” Deputy Donny Springfield said.

But it was what Deputy Andy did after saving the man’s life that is making headlines. The police officer finished shoveling the 18 inches of snow. Barbara quickly snapped a photo and shared in on social media. Within a few days, it had gone viral.

“We should be thanking them and they don’t get enough thanks,” said Barbara grateful that her husband was alive and the chores were done.


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