17 Police Officers Who Go Beyond The Line Of Duty And Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Police officers are given a hard time and a bad rap because of a handful of bad apples that make the news, or the ones who happen to go viral on YouTube for the wrong reasons. It’s always nice to be reminded that the rest of them shouldn’t necessarily be thrown into the same category. A lot of these officers go above and beyond their line of duty. These cops will definitely restore your faith in humanity:

1. They can be children at heart.

cool police officers 1

2. They’re sometimes softies for fluffy animals.

cool police officers 2

3. They take time out of their days to do things that aren’t even in their job description.

cool police officers 3

4. They even go out of their way for other people, like this police officer in New York City who bought a pair of brand new boots and gave them to a homeless man.

cool police officers 4

5. They care…a lot. Like the two officers who still delivered this pizza to Steve Huckins’ house after the delivery driver got into an accident.

cool police officers 5

6. They carry pedestrians out of puddles.

cool police officers 6

7. They even take a little bit of time out of their day to remind youths that they’re people too.

cool police officers 7

8. They protect EVERYTHING and everybody.

cool police officers 8

9. They tend to those in pain, even if they aren’t human. Like this officer, helping a cow that just got hit by a car.

cool police officers 9

10. They truly, genuinely care about your well-being; like this officer, Kevin Berthia, who spent time talking suicidal Kevin Briggs out of jumping.

cool police officers 10

11. They fix flat tires. 

cool police officers 11

12. They seem to be very car-savvy for those in need, like this cop who helped a person after she ran out of gas.

cool police officers 12

13. They even risk their lives for your fluffy loved ones; like Officer David Harriman, who jumped into a lake to rescue this dog from a submerged vehicle.

cool police officers 13

14. They do the unthinkable to rescue people, like this Beijing cop who handcuffed himself to a suicidal woman so he could rescue her.

cool police officers 14

15. No matter how tired they are, they’ll still lend a helping hand.

cool police officers 15

16. They even take the time to remind others that they’re valuable, too.

cool police officers 16

17. And last, but definitely not least, they know when to have fun at the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto!

cool police officers 17(Source)

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