This Alarm Clock Runs Away So You Cannot Hit The Snooze Button

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Clocky Alarm Clock

This clock is great if like me, you have troubles getting out of bed in the morning. If you are like me and have a really hard time waking up in the morning (alarm scares you awake, you hit the snooze until the last possible moment, then rush around getting out ofthe house), this may be the alarm clock you need.

Firstly, it doesn’t make awful sounds. It’s kind of like R2D2 having a seizure, an altogether not unpleasant sound. I have it set as the first of 4 alarms going off because it’s very nice compared to electronic screech noise.

Secondly, you can turn the wheels option off. I was waking up to the sound of the wheels going (it came before the beeping) and was catching the alarm as it took off. After the first snooze, my sleepy self manages to turn the wheels off, so it’s just a stationary alarm clock.

Note: It is designed to fall off a table, 3′ or so, then run along the carpet. If it starts out on a carpeted floor, it doesn’t get the momentum needed to drive around.

Altogether, a nice addition to my alarm clock firing squad. The sound is pleasant to wake up to instead of heart-attacky, it seems to be built sturdily enough for surviving the jumpoff of a low table, and is easy to set and turn the alarm on and off, and the snooze times can be adjusted. As for me, I may have to put this one in the kitchen somewhere, so I am sure to have to go hunting to turn the alarm off instead of catching it before it has a chance to race around.

Get your Clocky Alarm Clock here.


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