Ingenious Things You Can Do With Your Keys That You Probably Wouldn’t Realize

If you ever find yourself in the position of needing an emergency spare key, DaveHax has you covered. When you need an extra key for a safe or your front door, this hack should do the trick. 

Before we get to the tutorial, check out a few key-related tips and tricks below.    

Looking for a good place to hide your key? Instead of hiding your spare house key under a mat, choose a safer place like inside a pipe along the house. For this hack, all you’ll need is a piece of PVC pipe and cap, an L pipe, a rain collar, and some adhesive.

clever tricks for keys 1

If you have an abundance of keys and need help distinguishing them from one another, just paint each with nail polish. The varying colors will help you differentiate between which key opens the front door, which opens the back, etc.

clever tricks for keys 2

If you’re in the midst of battling extreme cold weather conditions, this hack is for you. If you leave your car uncovered and outdoors during the winter, it’s not uncommon for the lock to freeze. Apply hand sanitizer to the key before trying to unlock your door.

clever tricks for keys 3

If hiding the spare key inside a pipe didn’t appeal to you, here’s a more simple option. Place your key inside a pill bottle, then glue a rock onto the cap and hide it in the front yard.

clever tricks for keys 4

So, you need to make a spare key but don’t have time to run to a locksmith? Here’s what you’ll need: a lighter, a piece of tape, a food can lid, and some strong scissors. This hack may not have a 100 percent success rate, but it certainly appears to work in the tutorial video. Why not give it a shot? Check out the clip below.


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