The Secret To Making The Ultimate Cinnamon Toast

cinnamon toast

Raquel Pelzel’s best cinnamon toast from her cookbook Toast, requires a few more steps than the toast your mom lovingly shoved into your hand before booting you out the door on school days. The steps are worth it, though, and they graduate ordinary breakfast to the best cinnamon toast you’ll ever eat.

It’s got all the same descriptors as its predecessor (sweet, buttery, crunchy) but with the upgraded elements of unparalleled caramelization on adult-approved brioche. The easy-to-make cinnamon simple syrup soaks deeply into the bread, flavoring it all the way through to the other side. The cinnamon sugar, added as a second layer of flavor, crisps up wonderfully in the hot pan.

Move over French toast, cinnamon-sugar toast is ready for its weekend-morning debut.


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