This Might Look Like A Garden From Above, But What’s On The Ground Is Quite Surprising…

In 2011, Barry Cox had an idea to build a church. He wasn’t a clergyman and he wasn’t after fame and fortune; in fact, he originally intended for the church to be a place to, as he put it, “retreat from society.” 

church tree 1

For four years, Cox built his quiet sanctuary on his property near Cambridge in New Zealand.

church tree 2

The church is made almost entirely out of living trees set upon three aces of shaded gardens and a historical labyrinth based on Jericho City in 460 B.C.E.

church tree 3

Cox used an iron frame to create the structure, using cut-leaf alder to cover the roof’s shape. Cox envisions that as the branches grow and become stronger, he’ll be able to remove the iron framework entirely.

church tree 4

Although it was originally a labor of solitude, Barry Cox opened his green doors to the public. 

church tree 5

This space, called the Tree Church, is open for private events, photography and tours.

church tree 6(Source)

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