What Started As Dad Building Playhouse For His Kids Soon Became A Full-Blown Business

Tyson Leavitt did as any father might do for his children when they’re young – he crafted them a dream play space for their backyard.  But the story didn’t exactly end there…

“It was actually accidental when I got into it. I built a play set for my kids (I owned a landscape company) and put it in our local home and garden show. It had such a response that I decided to go bigger the following year. When I saw the looks on the faces of people who visited our booth, I knew we were onto something.”

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And Charmed Playhouses was born!  The company is invested in creating handcrafted solid-wood playhouses and treehouses for the most imaginative children and their parents. In addition, Charmed Playhouses also has a unique collection of doghouses that are perfect for your canine companion.

Each of their luxury dwellings are custom-designed by an industry-leading architect with the incredible talent to take the ideas from the minds of clients and put them down on paper. While their goal is to create something to capture your imagination, they think it’s equally important that the creation enhances your property.

In addition to turning this once-passion into a full-blown business, Charmed Playhouses was contacted by TLC within their first month of business to film a TV series called ‘Playhouse Masters.’  No one in Leavitt’s family could have quite expected how their lives would change, and especially as soon as the first year of business!

Charmed Playhouses Charmed Playhouses Charmed Playhouses Charmed Playhouses Charmed Playhouses Charmed Playhouses Charmed Playhouses Charmed Playhouses

“The majority of playhouses on the market right now are very simple and straightforward, whereas kids want something bright, wacky and fun! From the inside out, our luxury playhouses are designed to provide your children with an out-of-this-world escape right in your own backyard.”

And if you think the exteriors are impressive, Charmed Playhouses has put a lot of time and energy into their detail on the interiors as well!

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Tyson and his team won’t shy away from any challenge and strive to make each project as breathtaking for parents as it is for their kids.  The only downside for him is saying goodbye to the build after it’s completed. But that’s okay, he knows it’s going to a good home and he can’t wait to get started on the next project!

Charmed Playhouses Charmed PlayhousesCharmed Playhouses

You can begin dreaming up a creation of your own by visiting their website here.

To get an idea of what Charmed Playhouses’ repertoire has looked like so far, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!


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