Study Says That Your Cat Doesn’t Really Want To Kill You…

Let’s get something straight: your cat doesn’t actually want to kill you (probably).

Despite reports from earlier this year, your feline companion is most likely not looking to smother you with a pillow in the middle of the night. So why did we think they would?

The theory started when researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Bronx Zoo released their findings on the personalities of several of the big cat species as compared to domestic ones.
cats don't want to kill you 1

But it’s pretty obvious that your cat doesn’t want to kill you. Just look at this little guy!
cats don't want to kill you 2

Researchers who reported otherwise originally looked at the personality traits of lions, wildcats, leopards, and domestic cats.

During the study, house cats and lions ultimately were classified as having the same behavioral traits. But this fact was taken out of context.
cats don't want to kill you 4

Because individual cats (both big and small) can be assessed differently in terms of behavior, one cannot assume that these creatures will act in any specific way.
cats don't want to kill you 5

Because of this revelation, the already-confusing study was debunked.
cats don't want to kill you 6

Therefore, you can rest easy, cat owners. Your kitty might think it’s a little lion, but it probably won’t act like one toward you… we hope.
cats don't want to kill you 7
Your cat might be a little monster who doesn’t want you to sleep past 8 a.m. on a Saturday, but he’s not a murderer.


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