Cat’s Reaction To Massive Snowfall Is Hilarious

New Brunswick, Canada received a massive amount of snow a few days ago, which deposited close to 4 feet of snow in some places, as you can see in this video. We can also see that this cat, named Rudiger, has a pretty interesting reaction.

Rudiger’s owner, James Gilfoy uploaded the video with the title “Rudiger only kind of loves the snow,” but he never expected it to be seen by over 1.3 million people and counting. Gilfoy said that Rudiger was really confused at first, “then he just started digging like crazy.”

Cats and snow don’t often get along, since it’s cold, wet, and can potentially hinder the cat’s ability to move. Gilfoy also revealed that while Rudiger does love playing in the snow, he isn’t a fan of the accompanying cold.


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