She Is Giving Her Cat A Bath And Hears Something Unbelievable

Now this is freaky! A talking cat? Yep! It’s no surprise that most cats do NOT like taking baths. But it turns out that some cats hate it so much, that they actually will tell the person bathing them “no more.” Yes, they will actually talk! This is one of those cats. The owner heard her cat say this and could not believe it. She quickly got her camera and tried to have her cat repeat it, and by golly the cat did! Numerous times!

She also gives a sweet meow to have the water stop! Hopefully the bather here gives in to this cats begging, as other cats could pick up on the fact that actually talking does indeed work, and then we will have a whole new trend of talking cats! And smelly cats too, so maybe she should just go ahead and continue the bathing. Either way, no denying that this video is indeed a trip!


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