Twin Baby Girls Were Diagnosed With Cancer, But The Story Of Their Treatment Is Beyond Remarkable…

Madeline and Isabella Dunn were 2 months of age when the family pediatrician noticed something odd in Madeline’s stomach and sent the infant for an ultrasound.

The 2007 diagnosis was beyond belief: a softball-size tumor, malignant in nature, known as stage 4S neuroblastoma, a rare cancer found only in infants and young children.

But the night grew even darker for the Dunns when Detroit Medical Center’s Dr. Jeffrey Taub wanted to check out sister Isabella as well during a visit.

“She went for an ultrasound immediately, and found that she had what looked like the exact same tumor that Madeline had,” Taub said.

The twins were separated during chemotherapy and got sick and suffered a lot of pain from the process, but when they were reunited both girls started doing better. Three months later, a call came in that both girls had no signs of cancer.

“We made it. Our girls were healed,” dad Michael Dunn said. “The twins’ healing was definitely a gift from God. There’s no other way to explain it.”


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