Teen Is A Severe Burn Victim But Is Crowned As Prom Queen, Leaving Everybody Stunned

Ohio teen Kilee Brookbank went to prom in a sleeveless dress.  She was making a statement to the world. Brookbank’s action was daring and bold because nearly 45 percent of her body bears the scars she sustained during a fire at her home two years ago. Brookbank, who nearly died during the fire, spent more than a month in the hospital and underwent several skin-graft surgeries.

Though the recovery process has been tough at times, Brookbank said she is appreciative considering the circumstances. “I felt lucky,” she said. “I could have been hurt a lot worse.” Initially, Brookbank, who had been an athlete and honor student, said she didn’t think she’d be the same again after the fire.  As time has progressed, she has become more comfortable with herself.

burn victim becomes prom queen 1

That new comfort led her to wear a sleeveless dress to her prom. She said, “I feel good about myself.” Other people agreed that she was stunning and her boyfriend, Dylan, told her that she was “the most beautiful girl” he had ever seen while they were getting ready to go to prom.  The students at Brookbank’s high school crowned her prom queen!


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