Brothers Surprise For Their Sister’s Wedding Is Hilarious

The biggest responsibility of every brother with a younger sister is to vet all of her boyfriends. It’s absolutely crucial that her suitor be funny, cheer for the right sports teams, and – most importantly – be a gentleman to her.
These brothers apparently did a pretty good job of screening guys for their sister, and they wanted to let her know they approved of her new husband, Greg. They also wanted to welcome their new brother-in-law into the family, while letting him know that he better do right by their sis. But, they didn’t settle for your average wedding toast. That apparently wouldn’t be embarrassing enough – and, after all, embarrassing the younger sister is every brother’s second biggest responsibility.

They immediately don backwards caps and shades and tell the story of how the couple met (and their first impressions of Greg), all in a hilarious hip-hop song. The whole audience is howling with laughter as these loving brothers subject their sister to the kind of torture she’s probably all too accustomed to, having grown up with these jokesters. Watch as they drop rhymes on the newlyweds to the tune of LFO’s “Summer Girls.”


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