13 Brilliant Tricks That Make Life So Much Easier

It’s a known fact that there are many things in your house you can use in ways which they were never intended for. This will make your life a bit easier in the process. Hopefully, you will find the following little tricks useful!

smart hacks 1

A rubber band around a paint can makes for a good excess paint scraper.

smart hacks 2

Thread a necklace through a drinking straw to prevent tangling. It’s great for storage and travel or, you can pack them into a toothbrush container.

smart hacks 3

A safety pin on the inside of trouser legs prevents static cling.

smart hacks 4

Squeeze a plastic water bottle and then use it like a vacuum to separate eggs, for mess-free egg whites.

smart hacks 5

Use buttons to pair small earringssand prevent them from getting lost.

smart hacks 6

An eraser is great for getting scuff marks out of wood as well as light-colored leather.

smart hacks 7

A wadded-up mesh bag, the kind onions and oranges come in, is great for scrubbing pots and pans without scratching them.

smart hacks 8

An emery board is perfect for buffing out scuff marks on suede.

smart hacks 9

A large paper clip comes in handy for fastening a bracelet. Simply hook it onto the bracelet and hold with the same hand that’s wearing the bracelet, clasping it with the other.

smart hacks 10

Use shower curtain hooks to make the most of a hanger. They’re perfect for scarves or belts. You can also hang bags.

smart hacks 11

Clear nail polish is good for reinforcing things, including the screws on eyeglasses and loose buttons.

smart hacks 12

Coffee filters can help prevent dirt from spilling through a flower pot’s drainage hole.

smart hacks 13

Before you throw one out, remember that the sticky side of a post-it note is great for gathering crumbs and grit from between keys on a keyboard.


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