Bridesmaid Jumps Into The Pond To Save Gosling From Swan Attack

Being a bridesmaid might seem easy, but there’s more to it than you think. You have to buy and get fitted for an expensive dress, cater to your best friend’s every whim, and help ensure that everything goes smoothly on her special day.

And of course, not everything always goes as planned.

That’s what one bridesmaid found out when she saw something terrible happening on her sister’s big day. But before things took a turn for the worse, she didn’t hesitate to jump in and help.

Hannah West and Mark Jefferies were getting married at Dumbleton Hall in Stroud, England.

bridesmaid jump into pond

Everything was going well as the wedding party posed for photos when suddenly, they heard a terrible sound.

bridesmaid jump into pond 2

It turned out that a black swan had taken a baby gosling from his parents, and was trying to drown the poor baby.

bridesmaid jump into pond 3

Without hesitation, the bride’s sister, Faye, kicked her shoes off and walked into the pond to scare the swan away.

bridesmaid jump into pond 4

Everyone cheered as Faye brought the gosling back to his family, even as her dress got soaked.

bridesmaid jump into pond 5

The geese thanked Faye by squawking with glee, and the rest of the wedding went off without a hitch.

bridesmaid jump into pond 6

“Our wedding was everything we wanted and more,” said Hannah. “Faye saving the gosling was just the cherry on top of our day, and [it’s] something we will look back on and laugh for years to come.” What a way to start your life together!


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