When His Bride Starts To Sing, This Groom Has The Most Touching Reaction Ever…

It was a wedding like any other. When bride Arianna began walking down the aisle, no one expected to be captivated by anything but her stunning dress.

Yet, Arianna didn’t leave a dry eye in the audience when she began to serenade her husband-to-be as she gracefully moved toward him. She sings Carrie Underwood’s “Look At Me.”

Just one glance at the lyrics will make why she chose this particular song clear. “Darling look at me/I’ve fallen like a fool for you /Darling can’t you see /I’d do anything you want me to,” she sings. And Ryan, the groom, can’t help but completely break down.

The wedding took place in 2013, and judging by the fact that Arianna and Ryan welcomed their first little girl, Revelynne Hope, this year — I think we know Arianna meant every single word.

“That my friend, Ryan, is called making an entrance,” the officiator jokes. “And it was all for you.”

With 10 million views, it’s no shock to us that people can’t stop gushing over the wedding!

“My god! Your voice — such an amazing job!!! I’ve cried so many times watching this. Congrats!!” one commenter said.


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