Officer Saw This Boy Touching A Homeless Man. When He Learned What Was Actually Happening, He Was Stunned…

Baltimore police officer Eric Gaines was on duty when he saw something unusual. Lying down next to a large fence was a homeless man, clearly asleep. Standing over and touching his feet was a boy, who Eric estimated to be in his mid-teens.

Eric soon realized what the boy was doing…and just how much it meant to him.

“I watched as this young kid was walking pass, stopped, and walked over to this sleeping homeless man; touched him and began praying over him,” said Gaines in a Facebook post. “This was an amazing sight! I pray this kid becomes a leader amongst his peers, and continues on this path! Not all Baltimore youth are lost!”

boy praying over homeless man

It’s great to know that there are people out there — especially young people — who still care. This teen’s thoughtfulness will hopefully be a call to action for more people to do good for those in need!


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