18 Cool Tricks Using Bobby Pins

1. There’s a right side and a wrong side.
bobby pins cool tricks
Placing them with the wavy side down adds extra grip.

2. Triangles can give an instant boost to a plain ‘do.
bobby pins cool tricks
The simple placement change makes your hair extra eye-catching.

3. Get trendy with chevrons.
bobby pins cool tricks
The chevron pattern is everywhere. Placing your pins in a repeat of this simple V-shape is a cinch; just slide one in at a slant, then slide a second one through and downward.

4. Pep up your ponytail.
bobby pins cool tricks
If your ponytail is falling down and flat, add a couple bobby pins around the base to pump it up.

5. Add some layers.
bobby pins cool tricks
Pulling hair out of your face is nothing new, but add a little something extra by layering the free-flowing hair over it and hiding the pin.

6. Get hair that’s trending.
bobby pins cool tricks 6
Four pins are all you need to create a look that could take Twitter by storm.

7. Create a smooth top and a free-flowing bottom.
bobby pins cool tricks 7
A criss-cross crown of pins in the hair from one temple to the other would make anyone look like a queen.

8. Fix pins that have lost their luster.
bobby pins cool tricks 8
While most usually throw out pins that no longer pinch, a pair of pliers is all you need to fix it.

9. Dry shampoo keeps things in place.
bobby pins cool tricks 9
Just a spritz of the product makes sure pins stay put.