27 Lucky People Who Are Having The Best Day Ever

We always hear about people’s bad days. More times than often when a person wants to tell you about their day, it’s because they want to vent or complain about something that went terribly wrong.

It’s not often you hear about someone’s good day, but when it does happen, you can’t help but to feel great for them (especially if they’re super close to you).

Sure seeing photos of people having a bad day is funny but seeing photos of people having a good day kind of warms up your heart. It’s photos like these that prove not all luck out there is bad.

#1. When you find a 75 pound bag full of cash on the highway.

And when you return it back to Brinks and get rewarded $5,000 for returning it.
best day ever 1

#2. When you find three poptarts in the packaging of one.

One of the subtle surprises in life that’ll make anyone happy.
best day ever 2

#3. When you find your long lost dog after years of being separated.

I would probably drop down with tears running down my face.
best day ever 3

#4. When you drop the keys and they ALMOST fall into the drain.

I think I would of had a mild heart attack.
best day ever 4

#5. When all the stoplights are green.

Now THIS is a good day, especially if you’re on the way to work.
best day ever 5

#6. When you find a pack of microwavable popcorn at the redbox machine.

It’s small things like this that’ll turn anyone’s day into a good one.
best day ever 6

#7. When you or a person you love finds out they are no longer sick.

This is definitely a day to celebrate.
best day ever 7

#8. When a storm causes a tree to fall and it goes over your car.

Like seriously, talk about the luck.
best day ever 8

#9. When a tree falls down and just barely misses your car.

The car owner was really lucky.
best day ever 9

#10. When you find a 3.69 carat diamond in a park.

Time to put that on a ring and propose to that special someone!
best day ever 10

#11. When you get a high five from a member of your favorite football team.

Just look at his face, his expression is priceless.
best day ever 11

#12. When a vending machine gives you multiple bags of chips for the payment of one.

Talk about bang for your buck.
best day ever 12

#13. When a shark attempts to attack you and he barely misses.

A few more inches in the right direction and you cold have been lunch!
best day ever 13

#14. When you’re in a hot tub full of ladies and you’re the only male.

Now he’s definitely having the time of his life.
best day ever 14

#15. When you’re having the time of your life at Chuck E. Cheese.

We’ve all experienced what this kid is experiencing at least once in our lives.
best day ever 15

#16. When you step onto a nail and it misses your foot.

That would have been one pain in the a** if the nail had gone in a different direction.
best day ever 16

#17. When all the vending machines have quarters attached to them!

Thank you kind stranger, whoever you are.
best day ever 17

#18. When you drop your phone into the toilet and it doesn’t go all the way in.

At this point, I would believe that there is a higher being looking after me.
best day ever 18

#19. When you find $1M value Spanish gold.

Spanish gold, gold plates, gold bricks, gold nuggets — I’ll take any of them!
best day ever 19

#20. When you finally meet your favorite disney character.

Didn’t know a boy could love Tinkerbell so much.
best day ever 20

#21. When you find a double stacked oreo in your single stacked pack.

Only oreo lovers would understand.
best day ever 21

#22. When you find a extra beer in your beer box.

Can I get a hell yeah?
best day ever 22

#23. When there’s some type of error at the gas station and you get 18 gallons of gas for $6.

He should have bought gasoline containers to fill as well!
best day ever 23

#24. When you win the lottery not once, but TWICE in one day.

Talk about making history!
best day ever 24

#25. When you have the option of getting any stuffed animal you want from those pesky claw machines.

I swear those machines are rigged!
best day ever 25

#26. When stray dogs find their forever homes via this NFL player-hosted doggy draft.

Those pups are going to have some incredible lives.
best day ever 26

#27. When you get hired by Google.

And get to spend work in a pit of balls. Yup, this is the life.
best day ever 27


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