23 Reasons Why Reading Books Actually Makes You A Better Person

We hear all the time that reading can work wonders for our mental abilities, our mood and our feelings. So here are some interesting pieces of research that prove reading really is a very useful activity. Take a look and find out why picking up a book is probably the best decision you can make today.

1. Reading relieves stress.
reading makes us better people 1How do you prefer to spend time if you’re stressed out? By listening to music or maybe going for a walk? Researchers from the University of Sussex assure us that you should try reading instead. Their research showed that reading was the most effective way to overcome stress compared to music, walking, drinking a cup of coffee etcetera. When reading, it took their subjects only six minutes to reduce their stress levels by more than two thirds.

2. Reading helps get rid of insomnia.
reading makes us better people 2Reading has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to calm down and to prepare for a good night’s sleep. The bright lights coming from your phone and TV screens send signals to the brain that it’s time to wake up, whilst reading your favorite book under a dim light has the opposite effect — your brain realizes that it’s high time to get some rest.

3. Reading makes us more empathic people.
reading makes us better people 3When you’re reading a book, especially fiction, do you feel emotionally transported into the story and somehow feel the emotional bond with the protagonists? Experiments show that people who read fiction and feel emotionally connected with the story have strong empathy in real life.

4. Reading boosts our brain function.
reading makes us better people 4Scientific research conducted at Emory University proves that we actually become smarter after reading a book. At least for a couple of days after finishing a book our brain shows measurable positive changes. Scientists state that the boost in brain functionality is caused by heightened connectivity in the brain and neurological changes that persist in a similar way to muscle memory.

5. Self-help guides can help overcome depression.
reading makes us better people 5According to a recent research, reading is one of the most effective ways to combat depression. Patients who were given a guided self-help book on mood and how to overcome depression after a year showed lower depression levels than those who were treated by a general practitioner using classical methods.

6. Reading makes you more attractive.
reading makes us better people 6An intelligent, well-educated person is more attractive for other people. It’s obvious that a person who can keep the conversation going on any topic inevitably wins the attention and admiration of the whole group.

7. Reading encourages life goals and helps overcome difficulties.
reading makes us better people 7Researchers at Ohio State University claim that the more we read, the more we identify ourselves with the protagonists, and in turn we transfer and implement their behavioral models in our lives. That means that a good read can motivate you to start searching for the love of your life and meet your goals by simply following a good example set in a book.

8. People who love reading are more socially active.
reading makes us better people 8Research conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts suggests that people who love reading are motivated to more actively participate in different kinds of cultural and charity events.

9. Reading improves memory and thinking abilities.
reading makes us better people 9Every time you read you train your brain. When you encounter a new set of words, you figure out its meaning and then store it in your short term memory. Experiments prove that reading slows decline in brain power. People who stimulate their brain by frequently reading have better chances to keep their mind alive, especially in later years.

10. Reading enriches your vocabulary.
reading makes us better people 10When you’re reading, you constantly come across words and words expressions we don’t use in everyday speech. Even if you happen to come across some word you’ve never seen or heard before, you don’t always look it up, do you? Because often we can get the meaning of such words from the context. Not only does the reading enrich your active vocabulary but it also increases your general knowledge and literacy.

11. Reading improves your writing skills.
reading makes us better people 11When we read, we subconsciously ’imitate’ the author’s way of writing and presentation. Just as a young musician gets influenced by one particular music genre, in the same way you adopt the style of the writer whose book you’re holding in your hands.