How To Make A Lovely Cake That Looks Just Like A Rose

Cake: it’s a word that is almost universally synonymous with happiness and good times. Think about it for a second – who doesn’t love cake? Since childhood, we are conditioned to associate cakes with birthdays and special occasions, so there’s a strong emotional bond there. Of course, it also helps that it’s just so darn delicious! Sure, you might be avoiding it right now because you’re trying to be healthy. That’s well and good, but we both know the deep, dark truth: if those calories and carbs could just magically disappear, no bakery would be safe.

As much as I love cake, though, I can’t stand fondant. In case you don’t know, fondant is basically a putty made from sugar that many cake decorators use in order to sculpt other elements around the cake. A lot of ornate flowers and other designs are usually made of fondant because it is very easy to mold, retains its shape, and comes in virtually any color imaginable. Unfortunately, a lot of folks are a little put off by its taste.

This video, featuring Vanessa from the Cake Style YouTube channel, features a gorgeous-looking rose cake that I initially thought must have been made out of fondant, so I was a little bummed. Imagine my surprise when it turns out that she used modelling chocolate instead! Modelling chocolate is a mixture of melted white chocolate and corn syrup. It is pretty similar to fondant in terms of sculpting and coloring with it, but it has a much better taste (in my opinion). In case you’re feeling up to it, Vanessa gives instructions along the way so you can try to make your own.


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