Young Bear Cub Is Emotionally Bonded To Her Unlikely Best Friend

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) rescue center usually rehabilitates and releases animals back into the wild.  But when a young bear cub named Ka Wao and a cat formed an unlikely bond, these two became permanent residents of the sanctuary.  During their time together, they found a bit of romance.  Her mother, Gallamair, and father, Kaka, both came to the sanctuary as cubs about six years ago. 

Since WFFT takes a strong stance against the breeding of captive wildlife, the group decided to perform a vasectomy on Kaka. As WFFT wrote in a recent post to Facebook, “Unfortunately, it appears that the operation was not successful.”

The cub’s name is Ka Wao. Here she is with her mother.

bear cub and cat

Kaka has been separated from Ka Wao and Gallamair in order to replicate the mother-child bond that forms naturally among sun bears in the wild, independent of the father.

Ka Wao has already displayed a sense of curiosity and playfulness when she made a new friend in George, one of the resident pet cats at WFFT.

bear cub and cat

“She is a confident little cub and loves to explore her enclosure mostly followed closely by her ever devoted mother,” WFFT wrote in a Facebook post.

bear cub and cat

It may seem unusual, but the bear is following in her mother’s footsteps. “Gallamair often befriends cats, so her cub is copying this,” a representative of WFFT said. “They seem to get along very well and spend lots of time together. All three of them often sit down and eat together.”

George appreciates the occasional bear hug.

bear cub and cat

Although Ka Wao’s birth surprised the caretakers at WFFT, it was a happy accident, and with the illegal wildlife trade as rampant as it is in Thailand, the sanctuary will be able to protect her from the same threats which placed her parents in its’ hands six years ago.

But Ka Wao doesn’t think about any of that.

bear cub and cat

To her, life is still a barrel of laughs and filled with new days to explore, and that’s just the way it should be for a young cub.

bear cub and cat


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