Luxurious And One-Of-A-Kind Bamboo House Will Mesmerize You

Elora Hardy is the founder of Ibuku, a team of designers and builders whose aim is to craft architectural masterpieces. After returning to her childhood home in Bali in 2010, Hardy recruited a talented team of Indonesian designers and architects to help her realize her vision of building beautiful bamboo structures.

The group recently built a luxury house purely from bamboo that they call Sharma Springs. It was designed as a jungle fantasy escape for a family whose surname was Sharma. It’s a full six stories that overlooks the Ayung river valley.

The structure of the home is far from conventional in terms of traditional architecture, yet the outcome was purely magnificent. The true challenge for this project was effectively treating the bamboo to repel the many insects that inhabit the area.

Since returning to Bali, Hardy and her designers have built over 40 new bamboo structures across the island, including Green Village and various other projects.

1. Hardy and her team built Sharma Springs entirely by hand.
bamboo homes 1

2. A cozy balcony hammock with a beautiful view.
bamboo homes 2

3. One of the four gorgeous bedrooms.
bamboo homes 3

4. Each piece of furniture was custom designed by Ibuku.
bamboo homes 4

5. All six levels of this home illuminate the jungle.
bamboo homes 5

6. An all natural kitchen with counter slabs carved from boulders.
bamboo homes 6

7. A spectacular aerial view of the home and its tunnel-bridge entryway.
bamboo homes 7

8. This entire space is the kids’ playroom. Talk about room for creativity.
bamboo homes 8

8. This entire space is the kids’ playroom. Talk about room for creativity.
bamboo homes 9


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