26 Incredibly Useful “Cheat Sheets” That Will Change Your Baking Game Forever

#1. You can bake your bread and it eat it, too.

RJ Zaworski

#2. Two words: CINNAMON ROLLS.

RJ Zaworski

#3. Baking vegan goodies has never been easier.

Infographic List

#4. No oven? No problem!


#5. Make ’em pretty with this handy color chart.

Handmade Charlotte

#6. Because half the guilt is not really guilt.

He and She Eat Clean

#7. It all starts in the pantry.

Food Network

#8. Know your apples…

Bed Bath and Beyond

#9. …to make apple pie, of course.

Louise Swindells

#10. The reasons behind your cake fail — but it’s probably still edible, though.

Tip Nut

#11. Sugar? Yes, please!

Heather Hardison

#12. The secret to healthier pastries.

eReplacement Parts

#13. An essential guide to avoiding baking emergencies. Keep calm and bake on!


#14. Eggs are everything.

Chasing Delicious

#15. Because surprisingly, not all cookies are created perfect.

Kitchen Nostalgia

#16. Make them look as good as they taste.

U Create

#17. There’s a science to everything — even baking.

Barbara Bakes

#18. Gluten, be gone!

She Knows

#19. The anatomy of a vanilla cupcake.

Deviant Art

#20. The 10 commandments of baking.

Martha Stewart

#21. When in doubt, convert.

Java Cupcake

#22. Wait, an 8-inch cake isn’t for one?

U Create

#23. No guest will ever be without cake again.

USA Bride

#24. It’s not rocket science.


#25. Which is your favourite?

Handle the Heat

#26. The answer is always YES.



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